Chang-rae Lee Video Interview (in English and Korean/영어 및 한국어!)

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On May 24th, Korean-American author Chang-rae Lee (A Gesture Life, Aloft, The Surrendered, Native Speaker, On Such a Full Sea) stopped by Haechi Hall for the 10 Magazine / Seoul ABC Book Club interview. Lee talked about why he is visiting Korea so much recently, why he fears the digital apocalypse, his work (of course!), and what he cooks at home (no, really, the interviewer asked that!).

Rae was charming and funny and even those who haven’t read his work should find the interview illumnating.

A bit less than 40 minutes in the version cut down to English.

The version with Korean interpretation comes in at about one hour and twenty minutes.


And over an hour in the version with Korean translation