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Lee Seung-u (이승우)

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This is one of the authors who spoke at the Daesan Foundation Seoul Literature Forum two weeks ago. He now has a Wiki page, and it looks like this..

Lee Seung-u

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Lee Seung-u
Born December 0, 1959 (age 52)
Occupation Novelist
Nationality South Korea
Period 1959-present
This is a Korean name; the family name is “Lee“.

Lee Seung-u(born 1959) (Hangul: 이) is a South Korean writer.


Lee Seung-u was born in Jangheung, Jeollanam-do in 1959. [1] Lee Seung-u graduated from Seoul Theological University and studied at Yonsei University Graduate School of Theology.[2] One of the outstanding writers to have emerged in South Korea after the political repression of the 1980s,[3] he is today Professor of Korean Literature at Chosun University. [4] Lee’s literary career started with his novel A Portrait of Erysichton, which was triggered by his shock at the assassination attempt of Pope Paul II in 1981. This work received the New Writers Award from Korean Literature Monthly. [5] In 1993 Lee’s Two Sides of Life was awarded the 1st Daesan Literary Award [6] and he has also received he East West Literature Prize for I Will Live Long,[7] he has also won the Contemporary Literature Award for Fiction and the Hwang Sun-won Literary Award.[8]


Lee has received high critical acclaim in Korea, but is more publicly popular in France than in Korea.[9] In Portrait of Erysichton, In the Shadow of Thorny Bushes, and Two Sides of Life ), Lee Seung-u works on the notion of Christian redemption and how it intersects with human life, demonstrating how tension between heaven and earth are revealed in quotidian life. [10] Other works, including A Conjecture Regarding Labyrinth and To the Outside of the World face up to disillusionment pursuant to the corruption and devaluation of language. [11]

Works in English

The Reverse Side of Life

Works in Korean (Partial)

A Portrait of Erysichton
In the Shadow of Thorny Bushes
Warm Rain
Gold Mask
Two Sides of Life

Mr. Koo Pyeongmok’s Cockroach
About Eclipse
To the Outside of the World
A Conjecture Regarding Labyrinth
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