Found on the Web #4

1) Well, say what you want about South Korean success with translation, but who even knew that North Korea was trying to spread its literature.

The United Front Department has been handling tasks related to South Korea since it was established in 1977. Its main tasks are propagandist; broadcasts into South Korea, the distribution of pro-North Korea literature, winning the hearts and minds of overseas Koreans, and the management of pro-North Korea organizations inside South Korea.

2) Yi Mun-yol, spreading the word at the Prague Writers Festival.

3) If you aren’t aware of one of the really great translators of Korean Literature (into English) you need to hop on over to Chi-Young Kim’s page. She’s translated Kim Young-ha (I Have the Right to Destroy Myself), Lee Dong-ha (Toy City), and Kyung-ran Jo (Tongue).  That’s quite a record, and she’s got Kim Young-ha’s next translation coming out as well. She is also an author in her own right.

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  1. That’s one way to win some supporters… Or humiliate yourself internationally. I’d be interested to read some anti-government literature, smuggled out of the country.

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