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1) An interesting article about an agreement between Korea and the United Arab Emirates for mutual translation (ALAS, Link has expired). I’d be interested, if there is followup to this, what works each country chooses to translate, given the peculiar cultural characteristics of the both of them.

2) Korea hits the German Literary Dictionary (ALAS, Link has expired). This is particularly interesting to me because so few of these authors are known in English, or can even be found on Wikipedia (ALAS, Link has expired):

Modern Korean authors included in the series are: Han Yong-un, Yi Gwang-su, Kim So-wol, Kim Dong-ri, Kim Soo-young, Park Kyung-ni, Lee Cheong-jun, Park Wan-seo, Lee Ho-chul, Ko Un, Choi In-hun, Hwang Dong-gyu, Oh Tae-seok, Kim Gwang-gyu, Kim Ji-ha, Kim Won-il, Hwang Seok-young, Lee Gang-baek, Oh Jeong-hee, Yi Mun-yol, Hwang Ji-woo and Kim Hye-soon. Of them, the first seven authors have already passed away.

3) For the historical literature geek only. A PDF by W. E. Skillend (whose name sounds like the basis of Joe Orton farce AND ALAS, THE LINK HAS DIED) which argues that Tears of Blood by Yu Injik is actually the first modern Korean novel, despite the fact that most historians and critics make this to be Heartlessness by Yi Kwang-su. It also contains analysis comparing translations, but this one is only for the serious Korean Lit Gearhead.

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