Found on the Web #6

From over at Three Wise Monkeys, a post by Gabriel Sylvian about:

Gi Hyeong-do (1960-1989) is one of the most highly recognized names in modern Korean poetry. His poems are a staple in Korean literature textbooks, and the posthumously published volume of his poems The Black Leaf in My Mouth has gone through multiple printings in the two decades since his untimely death.

In the “I’m not sure it’s worth it” department, an article on the creativity born in prison, mentioning South Korean poet Kim Chi-ha.

An article on Minmusa Publishing, second only to Hollym in pumping out works on Korean literature (including volumes of criticism and history). This is from the Korean Literature Translation Institute’s excellent “List” magazine for publishers.

The incredibly useful “Seoul City Blog” has List of Books in Yeoksam Global Village Center (ALAS this is a blog that seems to have bitten the dust). This is the least of the wonderful things this blog offers, particularly for those who live in Seoul.

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  2. Mrs. Park in Il – 1-212-560-0865 worked for Minmusa and she
    referred me to Bi Yung So. I am writing a third ESL textbook,
    here in Korea and looking a publisher. I am in Daegu – 010-6870-7587 and called your number but got no answer. My phone is
    not working properly so I am sending this email. I did send
    an email and got no reply. My books are on amazon and google
    undertext books. Come Travel With Me! and Impressions of Modern
    Korea. Could Mr. Bi Yung So contact me and I would be very

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