Listen to KTLIT (and other great expat blogs) on Android (text included)!



Great News! has released its very own Android App and it’s available now on SK Telecom’s T-Store! Part of the ALL THAT series of Apps, Nanoomi’s All That Cast Global Blogger App is the ONLY app in SK Telecom’s T-Store in which the content is drawn from foreign bloggers living and writing about Korea.

What sets Global Blogger apart is the fact that the featured authors have lovingly read and recorded the content of their posts for users to listen and read along with. Featured bloggers include The Chosun Bimbo, Zen Kimchi Food Journal,  Mini Bomb English,  and Tatter in Translation – a collection of Korean posts translated from TNM’s stable of Korean Power Bloggers. Video from Eat Your Kimchi is also included!

Look, I’m on Top!^^

How to get the App:

You have a couple of options – some easier than others. If you have an Android handset and you are on SK Telecom, you can download Global Blogger from the T-Store.

If you have an Android handset on KT Show or LG you can download the T-Store app from here.

Once you have the T-Store app on your phone it’s a matter of searching for 올댓 캐스트 글로벌 블로거. The T-Store will ask you for your name and foreigner number before downloading.

Alternatively on a PC you can register for the T-Store (in Internet Explorer), download the SK Telecom PC-Android App manager and sync with your phone. After a couple of days we have 270 downloads and a 4.4 star rating.

So if you love (and our fearless small-face leader Cynthia!) like we do, support us by downloading our app. Go. Download. Now!

4 thoughts on “Listen to KTLIT (and other great expat blogs) on Android (text included)!

  1. What is billed as a “short novel” in multiple parts in English translation from DPRK, by Pak Yun

    More parts are to come.

    He is apparently the author of “The Immortal History: Dawn at the Front” and other books that sound very fervently ideological and probably dreary (although one never knows)

    It can be fun (in a camp way) to read Communist novels in which the world is upside down, and reality is utterly distorted.

    I assume that ROK has McCarthy-like laws that prohibit ideas deemed “subversive” like these novels.

    A pity, as ROK will never be truly democratic so long as it stifles speech that poses no threat of violence.

  2. LOL… I’ll have to look at that when I get to the US in a few days, as the ROK Intarwebz police have it blocked off..

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