Maganda! Korean Literature/Culture in the Philippines and my new visitors

Philippines MapEver since I achieved fame and fortune on Arirang’s INNERVIEW my traffic has been up, and investigation shows that the traffic seems to be coming from the Philippines.

“Kumusta!” to my new friends from the Philippines. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  And, no, I haven’t yet visited the Philippines, but give me an excuse to visit, and I will.^^

So, being kind of interested in why this traffic was coming, I did a little bit of poking around on Google and found some groups that foster relationships between Korea and the Philippines, first the Korean Cultural Center which has a Facebook page here, that says:

The Korean Cultural Center aspires to provide an interactive space for Filipinos who want to learn more beyond kimchi and ‘koreanovelas’. Future projects are aimed to generate a deeper interest among the Filipinos regarding the unknown aspects of Korean culture such as art and literature, among others.

Which is an admirable goal! And that first page leads to an even more awesome page, the event page for the he Philippine-Korean Literary Exchange which will allow attendees to “get to meet Korean and Filipino writers and learn more about both Literary cultures.”  This is on November 25th, so there is still plenty of time to figure out how to get there! In fact, I wish I could attend, myself.

So, all my new readers from across the water – some of you please attend this event, take some pictures, and send them to me!

The other thing that seems awesome, is the Korean Cultural official webpage, which covers all kinds of other things including how to take Korean Language lessons.

I mean, look at all the stuff going on over there:


Philippine Korean Culture Center

Nice design, too…

One thought on “Maganda! Korean Literature/Culture in the Philippines and my new visitors

  1. Kamusta kaibigan = How are you my friend. Yes, KCC or the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippine provides an avenue for both country to interchange cultures. KCC provides korean language class at an affordable fee and the teachers are all Koreans. In the course of the class students not only learn the language but the traditions and culture of Korea. I hope you can visit the Philippines and attend the Literary Exchange event. At the moment KCC’s Exhibit Hall features the Korean Hanguel Jewelry. BTW, from time to time i listen to you in Catch The Wave. 🙂

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