More Online Translations of Korean Poetry, Prose and Fiction at Words Without Borders

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Mysterious commenter AskGodot left a response to the “All Modern Korean Literature Online” Project in which he pointed out another great resource, the Words Without Borders list of 31 articles translated from Korean to English. It is mainly poetry, but there are some nice fiction:


Fiction by Lee Gi-ho

Camel’s Eye

Fiction by Hwang Sok-Yong

The Man Who Sold His Shadow

Fiction by Kim Young-ha

Garden of My Childhood

Fiction by Oh Jung-hee

Memories of Lily-Colored Photographs

Fiction by Jung Mi Kyung

Second Encounter

Fiction by Han Ung-bin

There are also several selections from other fictions… so check it out and wait for these to go up on the big database shortly…

3 thoughts on “More Online Translations of Korean Poetry, Prose and Fiction at Words Without Borders

  1. Charles,

    I am limited to ROK both by interest and the fact I live here. Posting NK stuff can be problematic.

    Graphic fiction would count if I read it.^^

    If you know someone who’s a fan and can write, I’d be happy to have them post here.


  2. There is quite alot of Korean Manga that has been translated, in the graphic arts area.

    For example: or etc.

    Some of it must be online.

    Like this: for example

    I don’t actually follow it too much, but I do see it in specialist sections of online bookstores.

    Like K-POP, it feels like a Korean artform that is well-suited for mass consumption.

    And, what about Korean literature from China?

    And, of course, there are ethnic Koreans in Russia and elsewhere in the former USSR that use Korean as a primary language.

    I know that this university did some work on Korean literature in Russia.

    Also, I know that ethnic Koreans in Japan also sometimes use Korean; they may do a bit of writing.

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