Mr. Ox Responds

Now that I have come back from Korea, which causes me to smoke less, since I am partly relieved from all the stress of having one too many parents in a perilously auspicious occassion, my phlegm seems to have subsided a bit for now. Hence, perhaps, my hands may be a bit freer from clutching πŸ˜‰ the tissues–one made of pulp and the other my former white cells.

I definitely am a Korean by birth, Korean-American by residence, and American by education (or institutionalization, in a twist between “The Wall” and “Shawshank Redemption”). Cough…cough…

I know Mr. Crackerman, or 철수 as I call him, brought much intentional humour into his experience in Korea, which may reveal more truth than summation of facts alone.

I intend to match his brilliance in seeing Korea and Koreans from an Alien perspective (or Korean perspective depending on the circumstance) and bring befitting commentaries onto this weblog. That, of course, may cause me more stress, which will make me smoke more and eventually drown me in excessive phlem……Oh well.