Nanoomi Goes Beta

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Nanoomi Net has gone BETA, and KTLIT is one of the featured blogs. You can check the Nanoomi Project out here.

Nanoomi comes from the Korean word “나눔”–”to share”.

We’re a community of writers, translators and Korea-enthusiasts who have come together to share with the world, the deep and diverse ecology of the Korean blogosphere.

Actually, make that the Korean blogospheres.  There are talented bloggers writing about the country in Korean, but there are also amazing English-language bloggers sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for all things Korean.

But they play in different blogospheres, separated by language, culture and (ahem) social-networking platforms.

Nanoomi wants to bridge those differences: our aim is to build a cross-language “bridge-blogging” community.

Also, thanks to those of you who’ve helped the site jump into the top 300,000 internationally and just about 750th in Korea.

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