Nice Article at “The Gypsy Scholar”

While I have been busy being lazy, the Gypsy Scholar has commented on a few things that I had noted but done nothing about.

Only four short days ago, I was blogging about the potential American market for translated literature, “What Works in Translation . . .“, because I had come across a New York Times article on the subject that mentioned the Korea Literature Translation Institute, and I have now happened upon another article on translation, specifically on translating Korean literature.

I say ‘happened upon,’ but the article inevitably caught my eye because it was in the JoongAng Daily, to which I subscribe yearly and read daily. To be precise, I read two articles in this newspaper on translating Korean literature, “Korean novels finally getting noticed” and “A Nobel in literature is Lee’s goal, but a little credit is just as good,” both by Seo Ji-eun.

As usual, well worth checking out…

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