Park Wan-so was NOT in the Wikipedia!

And now she is.. pictures of the dramatic change are below.

Still, it boggles me that an extremely (I mean EXTREMELY) famous writer in Korea, and a successfully translated one in English, would not have any entry. Someone is asleep at the switch.

Despite the fact that she now has a Wikipedia page, it is horrifically incomplete. Because I was taking my information from things that have been translated into English, her “biography” jumps from dropping out of SNU as a youth to where she currently lives as a grande dame of Korean letters. Surely Korean authors should have Wikipedia pages with complete information, information ported from Korean?

LOL.. I guess I’m a dreamer..


What you got before:

Oh No! Say it isn't (Park Wan) so!

What you have now:

It's a Day in the Park (Wan-so!)

8 thoughts on “Park Wan-so was NOT in the Wikipedia!

  1. Thanks Philip,

    Tuttle – not if you look at her last book published in English.. there it was Park Wan-suh, so go figure…

    Romanization blows!

  2. Wan-suh is the author’s own preference and was respected for her last book transalted. The new gov’t system is Wan-seo and McCune-Reischauer is Wan-SO (O = o with a brever). Yes, it’s a mess…..

  3. LOL.. don’t worry Haerim appa, I understood it.

    They really need to sort this stuff out AND try to figure out how to clean up the legacy mess it has left behind..

    If the Japanese and Chinese can do it, Korea should be able to as well…

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