Persuading Koreans of the Wisdom of the “Mojo Wire”

It’s odd.. Korea is the land of the last minute, the just above spec, and the rush job.

Why then, will none of my Koroean academic friends accept the notion of the “Mojo Wire?”

is it that the “Mojo Wire” implies process rather than passed on product?

It was originally the fax, but in my head it is the ability to to transmit bits of information in real time.. let us just call it something like.. oh.. conversation?

But I seem to be in the minority about this opinion here, as everyone likes to finish their work (at the absolute deadline) and then send it to the translator or editor with 5 minutes to go to deadline.

“the mojo wire”, Thompson used the new technology to extend the writing process precariously close to printing deadlines, often haphazardly sending in notes mere hours before the magazine went to press. Fellow writers and editors would have to assemble the finished product with Thompson over the phone.

Which resonates with me.. cause Gawd damn it… if you send me the “finished” work at the deadline? It won’t get finished.. let us have, in this happy world, a little electronic conversation.. a bit of the old this and that.. we can hash out the things that need to be hashed, and re-assemble into pork the things that need to be porcine.

Or I can get something with 15 minutes to go, and the request that I make it “English.”

Fark it dudes.. I’m from the US..

I don’t do English (other than their beers)

But if you send me the bits, the pieces?

I can spend time on them.. I can suggest how they can be better linked to fit the Western version of Academic Writing.. I can..

I can finish the thing and go to sleep!


off to edit the last piece that came in (at least one of my corporate bosses seems to get my model!)