Random Kim Young-ha Updates..

Over in Vietnam they are reporting that both Kim Young-ha and Han Kang have just been translated into Vietnamese

Best seller books from South Korea including Kim Young-ha’s The Quiz Show and Han Kang’s Vegetarian have been translated into Vietnamese and are in stores throughout the country as of yesterday.

Also, something I twittered yesterday, I somehow managed to miss that Time Magazine had given “Your Republic is Calling You” a rather good review (Link rotted). The money shot is something like this (and you have to love Kim’s PR photo, which is the one at the top of the page):

Likewise, for all its noirish strokes, Your Republic is not so much adventure thriller as psychological exposé, both of a man caught between dire fates and of a South Korea numbed by smirking consumerism.

Finally, “Your Republic is Calling You” continues to do well on Amazon. I was amused, when I checked it out to see the other day, that I am the most useful favorable review.
And now, there will likely be a brief hiatus here, as I head over the seas to the Land of Declining Empire!

3 thoughts on “Random Kim Young-ha Updates..

  1. This raises the interesting point of Vietnamese and ROK.

    Are there many Vietnamese in RoK?

    And, is Vietnamese literature translated and available in RoK?

  2. There are many Vietnamese brides, at least, in the countryside – but that is also where there aren’t very many bookstores.

    Korea and Vietnam do have a relationship based on Korea’s involvement in the Vietnam war and according to the South Korea: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade ) Vietnam has the second largest Korean diaspora in Asia and the 20th largest overall.. so clearly there are some links (and I didn’t even mention Hallyu).

    But my guess is the translations tend to go from Korean to Vietnamese…

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