Random LOLs from an editing job

Working some incredibly clean text from the folks at Ewha…

The text is about family structure in Korea and the family thing is clearly on the translators mind.. well.. kind of..

The first one indicates the translator may not have like all family members equally:

In the meanwhile, bother-in law is considered the most uncomfortable family member to male respondents, followed by bothers, mothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, and fathers.

Well, no one likes a bother!

Then there is the issue of how to describe what the study found out about chilluns:

The conclusion is evident in the following foundlings.

Well, that’s a tear in the social fabric!

Finally, I think we all know what the .. well.. translator’s .. job is:

The Korean family is departing from translational family values

It’s nice to edit something so clean that these rare examples are the equivalent of translational spoonerisms, and not nonsense.