Reminder: KTLIT now on TBS eFM every Tuesday at 10:06

Or so.^^ I talk for 15 minutes about Korean Literature in Translation with host Ahn Junghyun. You can listen to all this splendor online by going over to the 1013 Mainstreet Page and clicking on the ‘on air’ button (Most likely you will need IE 6 and all the typical foolishness required by Korean websites as I certainly can’t get it to play on my Mac :-().

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As I am an egomaniac, I also tend to post the sound-files later in the week.^^

3 thoughts on “Reminder: KTLIT now on TBS eFM every Tuesday at 10:06

  1. You should have a button on the right hand where we can access this and all the broadcasts.

    Also, you should list briefly what you talk about for each week — i.e. Chick-lit, “Look after Mom”, Chinese Korean-language writer, etc.

    Also, ideally a photo of your guests, so that there are not just disembodied voices.

  2. As a suggestion for genre fiction,

    this genre does very well.

    28th place on the New York Times bestseller list!

    Does Korean lit have erotica?

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