Review of Oh Jung-hee’s “Wayfarer” at 9,999 Seas [to the] Left.

One answer in search of a proper question

Over at 9,999 Seas [to the] Left, there is an interesting brief review of Oh Jung-hee’s Wayfarer (ALAS a now-dead site). 9,999 says:

I have a weak spot for mysteries that offer an answer and leave me puzzling over the question.

The review was also interesting to me because it discussed issues of agency (which I am currently in the process of considering, here, here, and here).

In “Wayfarer,” individual agency is much more problematic. Hye-Ja displays precious little of it, and yet she is dismissed for that “precious little” by a specific and conflicting set of cultural mores which cannot be easily dismissed. For reasons beyond Hye-Ja’s control, both action and inaction work against her.

Go check it out!