Seoul Book Fair Author Presentation Schedule in English

KTLIT LogoThanks to our awesome intern Joanne, we now have information on the author presentations at the Seoul Book Fair as well as the literature discussions.

Here are the authors (to see pictures you can go here: (LINK NO LONGER LIVE):

and here are the Literature Seminars

2 thoughts on “Seoul Book Fair Author Presentation Schedule in English

  1. The link does not work.

    Is there more regarding the authors/their works?

    As it is, it tantalizes, but is of no real use.

    Is “Black Mountain” by Hoon Kim a thriller, a poem, a science fiction opus, or…….?

    And the translations themselves are odd — “Perfect Rest at Province” by Su-bok Jeong is a poor translation of something.

  2. I misspelled province – should have been Provence – referred to the southeastern region in France. I transliterated many of these. Sorry!

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