Shin Kyung-sook and Bae Su-ah go up on the Wikipedia

Last night at a super  Nanoomi/Tatter & Media party last night, I presented a bit on the Wikipedia Project and got a really good response from various folks in the crowd – with luck this will lead to a bit more involvement from Koreans?

In any case, this inspired me to put up a small page about Bae Su-ah (this page needs some help, so give it to me if you have it). Also, I put a page up on  Shin Kyung-sook, and for this one I have to thank the super folks at Minmusa Publishing, who fed me a ton of information.

The project staggers on. ^^

2 thoughts on “Shin Kyung-sook and Bae Su-ah go up on the Wikipedia

  1. Hi Charles, I met you at Ongo Foods school when we were making galbi jjim. I was just wondering if you have a “Top 10 Must Reads” kind of list for Korean authors. I’m looking for a good book to read! Also let me know if you need assistance on your wiki.


  2. Marie…

    Depends on what you like…. Grab the latest copy of 10 Magazine where I have a four page article going over various authors and works…

    I will be posting it here next week as well..

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