Shin Kyung Sook (신경숙), “Please Look After Mom” (엄마를 부탁해) goes to Hong Kong, pronounced correctly, and more!

Beginning with a photo and short caption from the good folks at Yonhap:



And followed by an equally brief but amusing tutorial on how to pronounce Shin’s name. I mean, really, “sucrose?”  LOL.. that’s gonna send some people to the dictionary!

How to pronounce Shin Kyung-sook


The Facebook Page of the Hong Kong International Literary Festival, which features a meta picture of Shin Kyung-sooks’ picture being taken.

Shin Kyung-sook at Hong Kong Photo_of_Shin_Kyung_sook AM


And, finally, some quotes from an article on Shin visiting Nepal in her role as a UNICEF good-will ambassador:

“The problems of poverty and unemployment that the people of Jumla face are things I had seen and experienced in my village,” says Shin after her visit to western Nepal last week as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

It is always interesting to remember that an author Shin’s age actually did grow up in and see Korea when it was in a much less economically powerful state.

And the money quote:

“I try to represent marginalised voices in my writings. It is something I have always been careful to do,” she admits. The things that she saw and heard during her visit to Nepal, she says, will influence her future writings.

Shin will also be speaking about her Nepal experience in a popular Korean TV program, Healing Camp, a new thing for the reserved author, who has shied away from TV interviews until now. She adds: “I always believed that an author should connect to a reader through her writing, but now I want more people to know about this country.”