Shin Kyung-sook’s “Please Look After Mom” still selling and top-10 Amazon E-book

Pretty sweet. The list is actually called, “Top 10 List of Ebooks of 2011 So Far on Amazon (Link has rotted),” so it’s for half a year, but it’s still nice to see more plaudits coming for the book. And the book is still doing amazingly well in ebook sales.

Amazon lists “Mom” at 8, saying:

“Please Look After Mom” by Kyung-Sook Shin: Kyung-Sook Shin’s elegantly spare prose is a joy to read as she uses multiple voices to relate the moving story of a mother and her family’s search for her after she goes missing in a crowded train station.

This caused me to look back at Amazon, where “Please Look After Mom” is still a relative powerhouse as a download:

Good Kindle Numbers for "Please Look After Mom"

Good Kindle Numbers

Which then caused me to look at the hardcover, which is also still showing some legs:

Not bad!

2 thoughts on “Shin Kyung-sook’s “Please Look After Mom” still selling and top-10 Amazon E-book

  1. Yes, what is sweet (to me) is that it shows that a Koreal literary work can be commercially viable and thus attractive to publishers.

    One hopes, though, that ROK literary circles derive the right lessons from this and do not try to substiture non-commercial literature for commercial literature with the goal of having it be commercially published.

  2. I will be the final (meaning everyone will have gone home!) speaker at the upcoming Korea Literature Translation Institute in September. They are bringing me in to speak precisely to talk about things like the difference between commercial and non-commercial literature AND, how pushing commercial literature also pushes non-commercial literature, whereas the reverse is like trying to push a string…

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