Something I Missed – KLTI Changes Mission. Mission Creep?

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From the sMAartblog, confirmation that the KLTI has changed its mission

“The institute’s translation projects will expand from Korean literature into other genres such as arts, history and philosophy,” Kim said in an interview with The Korea Herald. “The procedure for revising the related bill is now underway in favor of broadening the categories that would get the government’s support.”

I’m really not sure how to take this, since so much still needs to be done in the literary field alone. I’m reading that to mean that it will still be books, that is books about arts, history and philosophy. But these are innately more limited fields than general literature and that the KLTI runs the risk of translating books that go directly into the libraries of educational institutions and then sit there until someone needs to do a thesis.

I hope I’m wrong that this will just blunt effects

One thought on “Something I Missed – KLTI Changes Mission. Mission Creep?

  1. I can tell you why. Minister Yu of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry is cutting back its funding. Minister Yu, a former TV actor, funds more of performing arts and less for other art forms, particularly literature. Translation, saddly, gets less… What does one need to do too survive this harsh time? Merge with other less popular genres, collect meager fundings and stave off hunger…until Yu gets kicked out of his office. Since his assuming the post, he has been nothing be a ball of controversy…in less than a desirable way.

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