“subject, object, verb” – They’re baaaaaaaack!^^

subject, object, verb (all of those things and more), is a great blog by translators Sora Kim-Russell (김소라), Jenny Wang Medina (제니 왕 메디나 AND Kokkiri), and Jae Won Chung (정재원).

It’s been a kind of “on then off” blog because it’s authors are working translators, but the good news is that it is currently quite on.

The last few posts have been really interesting:

• A quick look at “Kim Young-ha’s latest op-ed for the New York Times, as translated by Sora”
• The literal, and sometimes very poetic descriptions of Korean food in English
Authors chosen for spotlight on Korea at the London Book Fair

Navigation can be a little bit difficult, as not all posts have titles (which is why I can only link that last post), so the best way to check the site out may be to start at the top and read down, but it’s worth the reading.^^