Super-Cool post from Indieful ROK about Aeon (yeah?) Posting a ‘Trailer” for Kim Young-ha’s new book


That post title was perhaps a bit too much…

But check Indieful’s post out, because it combines some news about a new book (in Korean) from Kim. Indieful begins with:

It’s been quiet from MOT for a while, but at least founding member Aeon still has a few projects ongoing. Featuring music not that far from MOT paired with intriguing visuals, yesterday he posted a trailer for author Kim Young-ha’s new novel 무슨 일이 일어났는지는 아무도, that’ll be available from next week: (Nobody knows) What happened. (UH that last thing is the link to the totally killer video. Ed.)

BTW – I should say that I”m completely boggled that the Korean I see as “무슨 일이 일어났는지는 아무도”  is translated as (Nobody knows) What happened. Which to me looks more like “Does anyone  <WHAT?> what work happened.” Oh well.. my Korean is lame. ^^

Indieful also saw Kim in Sweden:

month ago I attended a Korean literary forum in Stockholm where Kim Young-ha himself read an excerpt from Whatever Happened to the Guy Stuck in the Elevator? (엘리베이터에 낀 그 남자는 어떻게 되었나?) that after also being read in Swedish soon convinced me I have to seek out some of his works

Which would make me very jealous, except I’ll be seeing Kim this weekend in Sinchon. ^^

Check out the post and the video, which I don’t understand, but even an old coot like me recognizes is super-cool to watch.

Let’s just hope that Kim Chi-young is already hard at work translating this!

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  1. Actually, the translation is pretty accurate. 일 literally means “work”, but can also be used to mean an event in general, particularly when paired with the verb 일어나다, which means “to happen”.

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