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KTLIT goes video!

For all you hipsters, hipstettes, anti-hipsters, hippies,  and even those of us old enough to worry about breaking our hips, and dying alone and unloved on our bathroom floors, it is becoming increasingly clear that video is a big part of the future of the Internet. Thus it is with some trepidation (and truly camera-unworthy…

Podcast: On 1013 Main Street talking Yi Mun-yol’s “Our Twisted Hero”

Me on TBS eFM’s 1013 Main Street. In honor of Teacher’s Day and the upcoming anniversaries of the Gwangju Rebellion and Massacre, we discussed Yi Mun Yol’s brilliant Our Twisted Hero, which manages to pack a ton of political-allegorical punch into a slight novella obstensibly about boys in a classroom in rural Korea. for…

KTLIT Podcast: Kim Hyesoon on TBS eFM

A podcast of my segment on 1013 Mainstreet on TBS eFM. This is quite similar to last Tuesday’s post, but as usual, I include it for anyone who would rather listen than read, or whoever wants to hear what I sound like (screechy and mouthing platitudes^^). Play in new window | Download

Discussing North Korean Literature on TBS eFM 1013 Main Street

If you’ve read the posts of the past week this may be a bit redundant, but it is the sound file from my bit on TBS eFM’s 1013 Main Street in which I talk about seeing North Korea through a South Korean mirror. download or iPad Play in new window | Download