The “Dong-in Literary Award” goes up on the Wikipedia

Dong-in Literary Award

As it currently looks..

You can see it here

I just ran over to the Korean Wikipedia page, grabbed it, translated a bit of it and found another source and, voila! This will be a big one because it has so many author names, and now every author on the Dong-in Award page will meet the “Three Link (or so)” that Wikipedia has to stay away from the dreaded “orphan” tag.

If anyone is super-bored they can feel free to go to this page and create more links to other pages currently existing on the Wikipedia… or, for that matter, clean up the spacing and Romanization…

One thought on “The “Dong-in Literary Award” goes up on the Wikipedia

  1. Very nice!

    Minor questions,

    1) the Dong-In award is named for Kim Dong-In.

    I assume (maybe wrongly) that Kim is the surname and dong-in is the personal name(s).

    I would have thought that an award would be named with the family name (like the Nobel Prize is named for Alfred Nobel, and is not the Alfred Prize).

    Is it normal in Korea to name a prize with the personal name(s)?

    2) What is Babido (a place, person, fish, what?

    3) Why “Kapitan Lee”? Is this supposed to be Captain Lee with a German accent? Is Kapitan a personal name?

    4) There really is a book titled “Dwarf Hurls a Ball”? Does it sound as odd in Korean as it does in English?

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