The Films of Kim Young-ha? Let’s get a festival together!!!

Kim Young-ha

Kim Young-ha at TEDx

Of course I completely missed the JeonJu film festival this year, even though I knew that Kim Young-ha was at least going to be a judge, but I also missed the fact that there was apparently a mini-film festival of films based on his works.

Not only this, but the article from JIFF also seems to list his other works that have been made into films.

First off, a couple of shorts seem to have been made for the festival:

 Short! Short! Short! is a set of 2-3 digital shorts (total over 1hr 20min duration) co-produced and distributed worldwide by Jeonju International Film Festival. Launched in 2007, Short! Short! Short! has selected 2-3 young, talented Korean directors every year, supported to make short films under one theme and world-premiered its result at Jeonju International Film Festival. Unlike previous years’ edition where three shorts aim one theme, Short! Short! Short! 2013 focuses on one novelist, a Korean master of storytelling : KIM Young-ha.

Then there was a discussion of what seem to be films that have already been made (in Korean, of course):

I Have the Right to Destroy Myself was adopted into a movie in 2003 and sensational hit The Scarlet Letter (2004) was also based on his two short stories:Photo Shop Murder and Reflection on the Mirror. His 2006 novel Quiz show lives its second life as an original musical and recent megahit My Brother Came Back was made into both theater play and a movie.

That suggests three movies out on DVD that  I need to track down with subtitles.

Later, the site posts the directors for the short, short, short clips, and the stories of Kim they based their movies on:

LEE Sang-woo who directed series of shocking features : Tropical Manila (2008), Mother Is A Whore (2009), Father Is A Dog (2010) is a rising talent of Korean Independent scene. He adopts Kim’s Emergency Exit into his short Exit.

LEE Jin-woo and PARK Jin-sung have already proved their extraordinary sense of adaptation. LEE Jin-woo, an award-sweeper in short film world made his first feature Sundays In August (2005) out of the french original written by Patrick Modiano. Jin-woo Lee made WALTZING ON THUNDER out of Kim’s The Lighting Rod.

PARK Jin-sung, famous as a writer of Epitaph (2007), also made his highly acclaimed feature debut with Evil Spirit ; VIY(2008) based on Russian classic VIY by Nikolai Gogol. The brother interprets Kim’s The Last Visitor Into Their Creepy Fantasy, THE BODY.

So, I will be confabbing with my local movie buff friends to discover where all this Kim Young-ha video treasure can be found, and will post on KTLIT when all the answers are clear.