The Ko-Lit Wikipedia Project Kicks off in English (Let’s Crowdsource^^)…

Wikipedia Project LogoYesterday was the inauguration of the English bit (actually, a couple hundred pages) of the Wikipedia Project. Thanks to the excellent work of LTI Korea, the pages in German are already complete. We are still looking for folks who can do Japanese and Chinese pages, so contact me if that is you <said in a nearly begging manner^^>.

As always, pages we have put up can be edited by anyone, which means that my silly typos, bizarre claims, and malapropisms can be fixed by YOU, the web reader.^^ And in this way, through crowdsourcing, we achieve perfection. 😉

So here are the pages from the last two days:

10 New Pages Added (please note the lovely photos courtesy of LTI Korea and their awesome staff!):
Go Hyeong-ryeol:
Gong Sun-ok:
Kang Eun-gyo:
Kim Chae-won:
Kim Hoon:
Kim Hyesoon:
Kim Ji-ha:
Kim Junghyuk:
Kim Won-il:

2 Pages Brought up to Snuff!^^
Yi Mun-yol:
Kim Young-ha:

So go out there and fix them!^^