The “Literature House” on Jeju-do

While down on Jeju-do hiking the massively awesome Olle Trail, we ended up in Jeju-si for a couple of days and after some Korean sleuthing by the awesome “Translator” we were face to face with the Jeju Literature House (and, apparently, cafe). Here are the excellent instructions as the Translator gave them:

The address of the place is Jeju-shi Keunip-dong 1038-5
The place is located across the street from the Jeju Immigrations Office (제주출입국사무소).

The Literature House’s phone number is 064-710-4029.

Its hours of operation are 11:00 am to 10:00 pm on weekdays and 1:00pm to 9:00pm on weekends.

It was a great place.. but it was spookily… well.. spooky.

We walked in and the place was open, with about half the lights turned on, but nobody there. Across the hall there were some salarymen earnestly earning their salaries – so earnestly that I’m not even sure they noticed us. Also, there seemed to be nothing specific to Jeju about the place or the books contained therein. Anyway, here is a quick videorama:

We wandered around and noted the awesome collection of (Korean language only) books, meeting spaces, and cafe without a proprietor.

I did find one book that I had read, “The Poet” by Yi Munyol, the story of the classic character Kim Satkat.

Still, a weird place when we visited, and one the you might only want to visit if you know Korean very well and are a self-starter.

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  1. To be honest, I have no idea… they seemed to have no literature about themselves.. I’ll need to look on the Korean web to try to figure that out..

  2. JOY,

    It is kind of already underway, though the tag “locations” may not be the clearest way to point that out.^^

    I suck at the intarwebZ

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