The Royal Asian Society Korean Branch (RASKB) is now on twitter

Super news for those of us interested in Korean.. well.. Korean anything..  the RASKB is now on twitter at @ras_kb. Errr… lol.. I should also point to their awesome website at RASKB which you should check out because it has content that will reward you more than amply. And if you are in Korea you should become a member because they do local tours that are simply amazing. They also publish amazing books of both fiction and description.

This twitter account is totally worth checking out for general reasons, but I should also note that the President of the RASKB is the estimable Brother Anthony of Taize who has done translation work beyond the pale, academic work of incredible value, and who continues to advocate for Korean culture (particularly literature in general and poetry in particular) in the world.

So it’s kind of a literary thing.^^ AND.. they have a killer library you need to visit (again, if you’re in Korea)

Check it ALL out…