The Week that was: Children’s Lit; Eun Hee-kyung; Found on the Web; “Straight Lines and Poison Gas” by Lim Chul-woo

weekFor those of you who may have missed anything special last weekend, here are last week’s efforts.

• On Sunday a post Children’s literature, fantasy illustrations and North Korea – Check out how the great leader has been interjected into kid’s lit.

• On Friday KTLIT visited LTI Korea and had dinner with (and a bit of a lecture afterwards) with Korean author Eun Hee-kyung, writer of Poor Mans’ Wife and My Wife’s Boxes.

•  A quick look at the web including Korean literature classes onlin; Translation winners; and a funny and semi-touching article about a Vietnamese author visiting Korea and meeting a narcoleptic Korean author^^

A review of the quite good (story, translation, everything) Awesome and Horrific: “Straight Lines and Poison Gas” by Lim Chul-woo (임철우), who apparently likes to write about this sort of thing.^^