Timothy Holm makes “I’ll Be Right There” come to life on Pinterest

Cover of "I'll Be Right There"A really interesting project related to Kyoung-sook Shin’s “I’ll Be Right There” on Pinterest. Timothy Holm (can be reached on twitter at: @paratize) has taken the locations, art, books and music, and the history and people mentioned in “I’ll Be Right There” and he has photographed or chased down the references and put them up on Pinterest.

I was going to do a video of the places, but this may just be enough of an answer to this project that I can let my laziness take over and not do it.

Anyway, to me the “places” seem most interesting, and his photos are good, but here are all three sections of the project:
Arts,  Books & Music
History & People

If you have read the book overseas and NOT been to Korea, this can be a valuable addition to your reading experience, as it can bring the “real” Korea the book takes place in, onto your computer screen.