Translator’s Tales

Translators Tails (TT) was  a project launched in 2014 by KTLIT writer Allie Park to bring together a collection of interviews with a wide range of translators. The project consists of interviews with numerous experienced translators of Korean literature and aims to explore the different perspectives on and philosophies of translating. All interviews are share from a core of common questions with 3-4 personalized questions that are different for each interviewee. This project is dedicated to help aspiring literary translators and anyone among the general public who is interested in the craft.

Interview with Translator Brother Anthony (An Sonjae) – By Allie Park

Interview with Deborah Smith (translator of The Vegetarian) – By Allie Park

Sept 2013 Interview with Chi-Young Kim (translator of The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly) – Charles Montgomery

Interview with Paul Kim (the teenaged translator of Tears of Blood) in written and audio form – Charles Montgomery

Interview with translator Chi-Young Kim (After publication of Please Look After Mom) – Charles Montgomery

2010 Interview with Bruce Fulton (Words of Farewell, Land of Exile, etc) in written and audio form – Charles Montgomery