Tuesday-Video: 300 Seconds on; The Best Used Bookstore in Korea

300SecondsI look for books of translated Korean literature, my wife looks for “collections” (as she calls them) of authors as disparate as Dan Brown and Sydney Sheldon.

And yet here we live, strangers in what might contain aspects of paradiseㅡ but aspects to which we are rarely invited, looking to find our own way… with books.

And this, the Foreigner Bookstore (외국 책 on the sign – they didn’t even waste the money for the “인” or “사점”) is the place to be if your destination is literacy city. It’s also the place for visiting tourists to go to find books in (some) of their languages.

This video, then, introduces the Foreigner Bookstore.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday-Video: 300 Seconds on; The Best Used Bookstore in Korea

  1. The Foreigner Bookshop is just great! A little bit pricey, maybe, but I found some great and unexpected stuff there, too.
    My favorite second-hand book store in Seoul would be 숨어있는 책방 in Sinchon. It’s really huge, stuffed, and there’s always music playing. You can even have a mix coffee. Most books are Korean books, but there are also quite a lot of English, German, Chinese, French, Russian etc. The German section (about 3 meters) offers a weird selection of hardcore leftish social sciences mostly from the 70s, self-help books (also some more recent ones), children’s books and linguistics. Must have been a whole bunch of academics with marital problems and kids dropping of their cargo. Anyway, always worth a visit!

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