Video Interview: Kyung-sook Shin (Please Look After Mom) at Haechi Hall (Bilingual)

Shin at LTI Korea(NOTE: You can also follow KTLIT on Twitter @ktlit)

Kyung-sook Shin spoke to a full house for over an hour on Saturday at Haechi Hall in Myeongdong (a Q&A) session followed, which should go up tomorrow) as part of the 10 Magazine Book Club Lecture Series.

Shin talked about her previous works, particularly Please Look After Mom, and looked forward to her next work to be published on June 3rd, I’ll Be Right There.  She read from both books, and translator Ji Seun read the equivalent passages in English.

The questions by author Krys Lee (Drifiting House) were literate and clever, as you can see in the video below.