Video Tuesday: The ENTIRE history of Korean literature in under 60 Minutes!

Film SquareThey said Korean literature could not be reduced to 60 minutes (particularly with my suspect history and cultural analysis included).

And they were likely correct.^^

A presentation likely full of hideous errors, monstrous miscalculations, and bad analysis (that’s what my comments section is for). But a brief presentation I gave at Yonsei last week. Eventually, I’ll tape a serious version of this, so if anyone has anything they think I should add, delete, or correct, I’m looking for it.

7 thoughts on “Video Tuesday: The ENTIRE history of Korean literature in under 60 Minutes!

  1. Very informative and entertaining – but what are you going to do for your retirement plans now? 😉

  2. Thanks Tony… still a few kinks, but it is the “edutainment” version of my formal lecture for foreign students just here for a year or semester. And.. don’t worry.. I have a couple of *autographed* copies of the book to live off of.
    (God.. what a horrible plan that is!^^)
    The Asia Press Series and the LTI/Dalkey books will also obviously change this a bit – I think we’ve read about the same number, but different books….
    Looking forward to your upcoming piece on the “The Guest” and may do a formal post introducing you to my readers – You are a bit more varied than I, but your takes are interesting (and since they often coincide with mine, I am inclined to like them^^).

  3. Hmm, not sure I’ve read quite as much as you – I’m just starting out with K-Lit 😉 It’s sad, though, that having read about ten Korean books this year so far, I’ve suddenly got such a high profile reviewing them (it shows how little was read before – and still is, despite the current attention…). One book I am ahead of you on, judging by your recent comments, is ‘I’ll Be Right There’, which I’ll be reviewing when it comes out at the start of June. Suffice it to say that it’s way better than ‘Please Look After Mother’ (or, having watched your talk, the English translation of the book at least!).

  4. Tony,
    I have a PDF of that on my laptop, but won’t dig in until this weekend. We should talk about exchanging guest posts somewhere down the road. One of my goals is to create a kind of K-lit ecosphere where interested people can pop from site to site. Kind of like the do for K-pop. So, Subject, Object, Verb, KTLIT, and you, for the moment. Barry at SeoulABC also, but he spreads his wings a bit wider…

  5. I’d be happy to do something when I have a bit of time in the future (although I’m a lot less Korea focused than you and the SOV team) – probably when I’m a bit better read in K-Lit than at present 😉

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