Vote For KTLIT (and Korean Literature) at the 10 Magazine Asia Poll


It’s down to the semifinals and I’m mysteriously in it and in 3rd/4th place. So I’m asking fans to vote for me (Or Brian in Cheollanamdo, or whoever else you love immoderately).

Is it bad to want to win?  😉

10 thoughts on “Vote For KTLIT (and Korean Literature) at the 10 Magazine Asia Poll

  1. Wow! You must want to win pretty badly to go through all the trouble of embedding the poll into your blog.

    So, do your students get extra credit for voting for your blog? ;P

  2. LOL..

    yeah.. figuring out how to cut and paste the embed code took me half the day!

    Alas.. this poll has no way for me to track who is involved…or I’d fail every man jack of them who didn’t vote from at least three computer!

  3. With you popping this poll all over the place, it’s like I’m watching “The Children’s Crusade: A Duty-Dance with Death” all over again. Damn it, now I’m thinking about my own dog named Spot. Crud, now thinking about the dome on Tralfamadore has me thinking about the one on Mars created by Doctor Manhattan in “Watchmen.” Now, I’m back thinking about those SS butchers killing Edgar Derby. Guess, I’d better get back to reading Greg Iles’s “Black Cross,” or I’ll start wishing I was Billy with Montana Wildhack since I just read this blog entry: You might want to put the whip to your students, with two days left you have a chance to pull into second place. I think once you get close though, the military presence here will kick into overdrive.

    Well, back to 1944 Germany and those dastardly poisonous gases Hitler was stockpiling for use on the Allies. I just left 1953 Moscow and the assassination of Stalin before he could use the H-Bomb in WWIII on the U.S. in Glenn Meade’s “Snow Wolf.” These books are great, but there are just too many convenient coincidences. Hey, you ever think of working on one of your own?

  4. LOL..

    Don’t worry.. your obsession will disappear shortly…

    The guy you tried to disqualify? He ran it four times in about three minutes…

    Don’t hate the player!

    And.. yeah.. when tinfoil-hat got close she put out another call… 😉

    Had missed the cowgirl blog somehow.. good stuff…

    flogging my students… hmmm.. I’ll work on a lesson plan..

  5. If you put a little more effort into it, it isn’t that hard to finagle it so that people voting for the other blogs are funneled into your total. A lot of those annoying ads you see on the internet are geared that way, especially those aimed at the over 18 crowd.

    Actually, I didn’t try to get the Idiot disqualified, I just wanted him to embed the poll like you did. I figured if he deleted a couple of his previous blogs entries for calls for votes it would then he would still be in the running. The Idiot also doens’t have two blogs like you do. I bet TPTB at 10 Magazine (not to be confused with the 10 Magazine that frowns upon women wearing clothing that I happen to prefer) are going to put a bit more thought into the rules of the next poll.

  6. What happened to the Idiot? It’s like he never existed according to the good folks at 10 Magazine.

  7. John,

    The Idiot is still there (I shamfacedly must admit I not only read his blog but comment on it), but he is gone from the listings. To be honest? I’m surprised he hasn’t posted about it….

  8. It’s not surprising as 10 Magazine isn’t something that most people keep track of, much less the Idiot. However, I see that it has come to his attention now.

    I do find that there is room for all in the blogosphere. It’s not only for the highbrows. There’s room for us unibrows as well.

  9. LOL.. to be honest I was surprised people adopted that lowbrow/highbrow thing. I go to some sites (Idiot and KRD among them) that I guess would fit in the “lowbrow” category (though that’s the wrong word, really.. crude might be better and even then, that doesn’t really fit KRD) and I find them highly entertaining. Watching Mr. Wonderful slowly go mad is entertaining as hell and I always look forward to going to his site to see what’s new. In a way, he reminds me of some characters in colonial Korean literature – sensitive flowers being overwhelmed by the weight of the culture around them…

    It’s classic, really. 😉

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