Watch KTLIT on Arirang TV’s “Heart to Heart” (on the Arirang website)

I Love Arirang ^^

Last Thursday I had the pleasant experience to be on Arirang’s “Heart to Heart”  with Lee So-jung. We discussed a wide range of topics, including favorite authors (including the recently deceased Park Wan-suh), favorite books, marketing Korean literature, and the Wikipedia Project.

a 24-minute video of the entire thing reveals that I am reasonably glib, but need to get back into the gym!

You can see the video here (this requires a relatively painless registration with the Arirang website)

5 thoughts on “Watch KTLIT on Arirang TV’s “Heart to Heart” (on the Arirang website)

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  2. No longer available for viewing. It has to be purchased, which is for “Koreans Only” according to the error I get.

  3. I take that back. Just don’t look for it in the “Archive” section. It plays fine in the VOD section.

    Yeah I don’t get it either…

  4. hi.i am from iran.i like korea and i like korean language.i dont have any idea other.thanks.bye…

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