Wikipedia Project: Groundbreaking Feminist, Author and painter Na Hye-sok gets a cleanup

A Wikipediast named Dante8, put up a page on Na Hye-sok, which immediately got slapped with an orphan tag by the vigilant Wikipolice. The page was also a bit unformatted, so the nimble dwarves at KTLIT got busy and created some links in and added some form. We still, however, need any information (sourced) that any readers might have on Na, particulary what work of hers has been published, either in Korean or English.  Feel free to comment below, or email us!

The page went fr0m:

Na's Original Wiki Page To:

Updated Na page...

Still, we need that extra info!

4 thoughts on “Wikipedia Project: Groundbreaking Feminist, Author and painter Na Hye-sok gets a cleanup

  1. What is interesting to me is that there is not already a long description regarding this writer in the Korean language version of Wikipedia at

    ROK, likely the most internet wired place on earth, should have every conceivable thing about itself already in wikipedia, only waiting to be translated by someone.

    China for example does quite a bit on wikipedia, and China is far less connected to the internet, for many reasons.

  2. Charles (the other),

    It is not by way of excuse, but explanation, that I would say that Na particularly, is a polarizing figure and probably doesn’t have lots of fanboys and girls.

    Your larger point is, of course, true, but Na can’t stack up to say, Yi Sang, in the nationalist pantheon of Korean authors…

  3. If ROK wants to build up interest in its literature, it should translate biographies of them.

    In fact, polarizing and weird ones are more interesting.

    If an author has a highly dissolute personal life, that tends to actually attract interest and potentiaally some readers.

    Madonna, for example, sold a lot of books.

    In a major recession, publishers need authors who can attract attention.

    No one outside of Korea understands internal Korean politics or cares.

    The only taboo items would be if the author is obviously a hater/racist.

  4. Charles,

    From your typing to Korea’s eyes.. or something…

    I think they are slowly coming to realize these things..

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