Yang Gui-ja, Park Wan-suh, Yi Kwang-su, Kim Dong-ni (and more), stories available for download

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As part of the “All Modern Korean Literature in Translation Online” project KTLIT has some new authors and works available (they are also in the big database at the link above):

Ch’oe In-Hun A Sonata of Lost Spring
Ch’oe Song-Yu Mountain Berries
Chong Ch’ol Exile
Ho Nansolhon Till her fingers cramp…
Hwang Sok-Yong Mr. Han’s Chronicle
Hyun Kil-Un New Songs of Flying Dragons
Jang Jung-Ill Mother
Kim Chu-Yong Winter Bird
Kim Dong-Ni The Post Horse Curse
Kim Su-Jang Debts
Kim Yong-Ik The Gold Watch
Na Chi-Song Optimist
Pak In-Ro A Hermit’s Diary
Pak Wan-suh Haesan Pagaji
Shin Hum Sorcerer
Song Kwon-Yong Pomegranite
Yi Kwang-Su Mystery Woman
Yi Un-Sang Forshthias
Yi Won-Gyu The Harbor at Sunset
Yun Heung Gil The Man Who Was Left as Nine Pairs of Shoes