K-Lit Wiki Project

One of the great initial research tools for English speakers, The Wikipedia, is extremely light on information about Korea literature, including some quite famous authors being absent. It has been almost silly. Lee Dong-ha had two sentences, Lee Mun-yol a paragraph, Park Wan-so and Shin Kyung-sook did not even have pages.

THE KTLIT WIKIPEDIA PROJECT (and anyone can join in), is to make sure that information about Korean authors starts to become generally available on the internet. The project works by finding reliable sources in English language (often times from the LTI Korea site, or from one of their publications), and repurposing it for the Wikipedia. Recently, we have branched out to tracking writers down, taking their pictures, and posting them copyright free, so they can be used on the Wikipedia.

It’s fun.^^ Join us.^^


An attempt to make it much easier for English-speaking readers to find information on Korean authors and literature.


There is a page for Korean novelists here on wikipedia, but most links go nowhere. So, it’s up to us to fill them in. πŸ˜‰


The Wikipedia page for Kim Yong-ik, who did not have one.
Bae Su-ah
Bruce Fulton
Cho Hae-il
Choi In-ho
Cho Seon-jak
Ch’oe Yun
Choi In-hun
Eun Hee-kyung
Gong Ji-young (unstubbed)
Cho Se-hui
Han Kang
Han Moo-sook
Han Su-san
Hwang Sun-mi
Hyun Jin-geon
Hyun Ki-young
Im Chul-woo
Jo Kyung-ran
Jung Young-moon
Kim Chi-won
Kim Dong-in
Kim Hye-soon
Kim In-suk
Kim Ryeo-ryeong
Kim Seong-kon
Kim Seung-ok
Lee Hyo-seok
Lee Kyun-young
Lee Seung-u
Lee Yuksa
Na Hye-sok (Updated, reformatted, orphan tag removed)
Oh Jung-hee
Oh Young-su
Park Min-gyu
Park Wan-so
Pyun Hye-Young
Shin Kyung-sook
Yang Gui-ja
Yi Kwangsu
Yom Sang-seop
Yun Dae-nyeong
“The Dwarf” by Cho Se-hui
Yi-Sang Literary Award
Dong-in Literary Award
So-wol Poetry Prize
(more details available in the comment section below)


Anyone, Wikipedia is open, so anyone can start a page. And this will require help, since I’m sure much of the original information is in Korean, which we’re short on around here.