13 New Stories – All Modern Korean Literature in Translation Project!

KTLIT LogoSome really great authors here, Yi Sang, Kim Ae-ran, Ch’oe In-Ho and more. 13 stories of translated Korean literature that you can read online for free!

  • Ch’oe In-Ho Deep Blue Night Korea Journal (PDF) Vol.35. No.4 Winter, 1995
  • Ch’oe In-Ho Hwang Chini 1, Dead Person (Translated by Benjamin Cheung, Na Youn) Vol.11 No.3 December 2008
  • Ch’ŏn Un-yŏng Aftertaste (Translated by Julie Y. Min) Acta Koreana Vol.14 No.1 June 2011
  • Ch’ŏn Un-yŏng Ali Skips Rope (Translated by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton) Acta Koreana Vol.14 No.1 June 2011
  • Kim Ae-ran The Place Where No One Knocks Acta Koreana Vol.15 No.1
  • Kim Ae-ran To The Convenience Store Acta Koreana Vol 15 No. 1
  • Kim Junghyeok The Glass Shield (Translated by Kevin O’Rourke) Acta Koreana Vol.12 No.2 December 2009
  • Kim Kyeong-Uk The Queen of Love  Acta Koreana Vol.15  No.2 DECEMBER 2012
  • Kim Nam-Ch’ŏn The Factory Newspaper (Translated by Young-Ji Kang) Acta Koreana Vol.13 No.1 June 2010
  • O Chong-Hui  / Oh Jung-hee Spirit On The Wind (Translated by Bruce And Ju-Chan Fulton) Acta Koreana JUNE 2008
  • P’yŏn Hye-Yŏng Mallow Gardens and Corpses (Translated by Cindy Chen) Acta Koreana Vol.12 No.1 June 2009
  • Yang Gui-ja  Rust Korea Journal (PDF) Vol.26. No.9 Sep., 1986
  • Yi Sang Lost Flower (Translated by Steven D. Capener) Acta Koreana, Vol.13 No.2   December 2010