A Must-Visit Literary Conference in Seoul

Kim Ae-ran

Via Fuxi Magazine, there will be Young Writer’s Festival in Seoul this May.

Sponsored by the Korean Literature Translation Institute, who just lately seem to be on a streak of awesomeness (check out the KLTI website). It will feature 20 authors, both national and international, including Pulitzer Prize winning Dominican author Junot Diaz, Finnish author Leena Krohn, and Ukrainian author Andrey Kurkov.

The twelve Korean novelists taking part include Kim Ae-ran (The youngest ever winner of the Hanguk Ilbo Literary Prize, in 2005), Park Hyung-seo, and Pyun Hye-young (winner of the prestigious Hanguk Ilbo Prize in 2007) ― and poets Kim Min-jung and Choi Seung-ho will participate, sharing ideas and experiences with the foreign authors.

I am certainly going to try to attend this, and when more information is available, I will post it here at KTLIT.

If anyone else in the Seoul area is interested in attending, please contact me in the comments section, here.

4 thoughts on “A Must-Visit Literary Conference in Seoul

  1. I would like to go to the KLIT conference. Will you pass along info if possible?
    Thanks, Angie

  2. Angela,

    I have emails out to two reporters about this. As soon as I have any hard information, I will post it here…


  3. I also am very interested in attending. Thanks so much for finding out about this. Otherwise I don’t even know how I would have found out.


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