A rather overheated take on Yi Kwang-su (“Father of Modern Korean Literature”)

Yi Kwang-su

Yi Kwang-su

From a rather hysterical anti-Korean rant (The Base National Korean Mind) on Scribd, comes a classic passage of literary misunderstanding:

The father of modern Korean literature, Lee Guang-Su points out  many aspects of Korean nationality: false words, fraud, mutual mistrust, flowery words, empty arguments and opinions, flattery and truckling, false obedience, adaptation to the majority, shamelessness, abuse, servility, cowardliness, indecision and unsocial selfishness.

LOL.. I think someone emptied out their “dictionary of random abusive phrases” and possibly didn’t understand that Yi was, among many contradictions (he may have been one of the original of Hoffer’s “true believers“), a strongly pro-Korean writer whose rebellion was against Korea’s non-modern past, not it’s modern future.

As the rest of the article is an entirely rabid attack on all things Korean based on anger at LMB’s visit to Dokdo, I think that author Kou Bunyu can be ignored as a literary critic, among other things.