Anxiety of Words: Contemporary Poetry by Korean Women

KTLIT LogoAn interesting looking new book (well, published in 2006, but new to me^^) for poetry fans, Anxiety of Words: Contemporary Poetry by Korean Women. It features a poet known to this site, Kim Hyesoon, who writes excellent feminist poetry, and is translated by the estimable translator (and poet in her own right) Don Mee Choi, who is also Kim Hyesoon’s translator.

The book also features two poets I am unfamiliar with, Ch’oe Sung-ja  and Yi Yon-ju, but a post on the excellent tumblr  In Imminent Danger has a long excerpt on the author, a poet and mysterious suicide:

Not much is known about Yi. According to her brother, Yi Yong-ju, the night Yi committed suicide she had asked him to reveal nothing about her life except for her date and place of birth.

There is a lot more introduction on this tumble (?) at Imminent Danger