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  1. After Beating Your Wife (Short Group Review of FREE Online Classic Novels)  – Kim Nam-cheon
  2. America – Cho Hae-il
  3. At Least We Can Apologize” (사과는잘해요) – Lee Ki-ho
  4. Aunt Suni – (See “Sun-i Samch’on” below) Hyun Gi-young
  5. An Appointment with my Brother – Yi Mun-yol
  6. Between Heaven and Earth – Yun Dae-nyeong
  7. Black Flower – Kim Young-ha
  8. Broken Strings (Short Group Review of FREE Online Classic Novels) – Gang Gyeong-ae
  9. The Camellias – Kim Yu-jeong
  10. Chinatown – Oh Jung-hee
  11. Contradictions – Yang Gui-ja
  12. Convalescence – Han Kang
  13. The Cruel City – (Collection of short stories)
  14. The Cry of the Harp – Cho Chong-hui
  15. The Cry of the Magpies – Kim Dong-ni
  16. Deep Blue Night – Choe-In-ho
  17. The Descendants of Cain – Hwang Sun-won
  18. Drifting House – Krys Lee
  19. The Drizzle – Hwang Sun-won and Yi Pom-son
  20. A Dwarf Launches a Little Ball – Cho Se-hui (short version)
  21. The Dwarf – Cho Se-hui (long version)
  22. Dokdo Thirty Three Shouts – The Association of Dokdo Sarang
  23. Early Spring, Mid-Summer – Collection
  24. Eastern Sentiments – Yi T’aejun
  25. Eerie Tales from Old Korea – Brother Anthony
  26. Evening Glow – Kim Won-il
  27. The Flower with Thirteen Fragrances – Yun Ch’oe
  28.  Gasil (Short Group Review of FREE Online Classic Novels) – Yi Kwang-su
  29. The Golden Bean Patch (Short Group Review of FREE Online Classic Novels) – Kim Yu-jeong
  30. The Good People – Oh Yong-su
  31. The Guest – Hwang Sun-won
  32. The Heat of The Sun (Short Group Review of FREE Online Classic Novels) – Kim Yu-jeong (previously published as The Scorching Heat in the book Camellias)
  33. The Heavens, the Wind, The stars and Poetry – Yun Dong-ju
  34. Home (Short Group Review of FREE Online Classic Novels)  – Hyun Jin-geon
  35. Homecoming and Other Korean Short Stories – (Collection of short stories)
  36. House with a Sunken Courtyard – Kim Won-il
  37. Hong Gildong – Seo Hajin
  38. House of Idols – Cho In-hoon
  39. I Have the Right to Destroy Myselff – Kim Young-ha
  40. In the Depths – Hahn Moo Sook (collection)
  41. Into the Light (Short Group Review of FREE Online Classic Novels)  – Kim Sa-ryang
  42. Iyo Island – Chong Han-sook
  43. Korean Short Stories A Collection from North Korea – Various (Collection of short stories)
  44. Land of Excrement Nam Jung-hyun
  45. Land of Exile – Collection
  46. The Land of the Banished (Jimoondang) – Cho Chong-rae
  47. The Land of the Banished (Asia Publishers) Jo Jung- Rae
  48. Lashing: Notes from a Prison Journal (Short Group Review of FREE Online Classic Novels) – Kim Dong-in
  49. The Last of Hanako – (Jimoondang) Ch’oe Yun
  50. The Last of Hanako – (Asia Publishers) Ch’oe Yun
  51. Loess Valley – Collection (Kim Dong-ni and O Yong-su)
  52. Lonesome You – Park Wan-suh
  53. The Long Road – (Kim In-suk)
  54. Lost Souls – Collection (Hwang Sunwon)
  55. The Ma Rok Biographies – Seo Giwon
  56. The Man Who Was Left as Nine Pairs of Shoes” – Yun Heung-gil
  57. A Man – Hwang Soon-won
  58. Management (Short Group Review of FREE Online Classic Novels)– Kim Nam-cheon
  59. Modern Korean Fiction An Anthology (Fulton & Kwong Eds)
  60. Mother’s Stake I – Park Wan-suh
  61. The Moving Castle– Whang Sun-won
  62. My Innocent Uncle– Ch’ae Man-shik
  63. On the Eve of the Uprising and Other Stories from Colonial Korea – Collection
  64. The Other Side of Dark Remembrance – Lee Kyun-Young
  65. Our Friend’s Homecoming (들아온우리의친구) – Shin Sang-ung (신상웅) i
  66. Our Twisted Hero– Yi Mun-yol
  67. Photo Shop Murder – Kim Young-ha
  68. Pilon’s Pig – Yi Mun-yol
  69. The Poet – Yi Mun-yol
  70. Poor Man’s Wife – Eun Hye-Kyung
  71. Poor Man’s Wife (Short Group Review of FREE Online Classic Novels)– Hyun Jin-geon
  72. Poverty  (Short Group Review of FREE Online Classic Novels) – Baek Sin-ae
  73. Preview and Other Stories – Cho Seon-jak
  74. Questioning Minds: Short Stories by Modern Korean Women Authors– Yung-Hee Kim
  75. The Rainy Spell – Yun Heung-gil
  76. A Ready Made Life – Translators Kim Chongun and Bruce Fulton
  77. The Red Room – Park Wan-suh (In The Realm of the Buddha), O Chŏng-hui (Spirit on the Wind), Im Ch’ŏr-u (The Red Room)
  78. The Road to Sampo – Hwang Sok-yong
  79. Rust – Yang Gui-ja
  80. The Shoes From Yang San Valley – Kim Yong Ik
  81. Stingrays – Kim Joo-Young
  82. Sky Nests – Choi Jongyoll (poetry)
  83. Soul of Darkness – Kim Won-il
  84. The Snowy Road – Yi Chong-jun
  85. Stab – Kim In-suk
  86. Straight Lines and Poison Gas – Lim Chul-woo (임철우)
  87. The Suffering of Two Generations – Ha Geun-chan (하근찬)
  88. Sun-i Samch’on (See “Aunt Suni” above) – Hyun Ki Young
  89. There A Petal Silently Falls – Ch’oe Yun
  90. A Toy City – Lee Dong-Ha (The short version)
  91. A Toy City – Lee Dong-Ha (The complete version)
  92. Trap of History – Jeong-Hyun Shin
  93. Three Days in that Autumn – Park Wan-suh
  94. Trees on the Cliff – Hwang Sun-won
  95. Twofold Song – Yi Mun-yol
  96. Two Travelers – (Collection)
  97. A Walk in the Mountains – So Young-
  98. The Water Mill (Short Group Review of FREE Online Classic Novels) – Na Do-hyang
  99. Weathered Blossom – Park Wan-suh
  100. With Her Oil Lamp On, That Night – Lim Chul-woo
  101. Waxen Wings – Bruce Fulton (ed)
  102. Wayfarer: New Fiction by Korean Women – Bruce & Ju-Chan Fulton (eds)
  103. The Wings – Yi Sang
  104. Words of Farewell: Stories by Korean Woman Writers – Bruce & Ju-Chan Fulton (eds)
  105. The Wounded – (Jimoondang) Yi Chongjun (An Assailant’s Face – from the same novel)
  106. The Wounded – (Asia Publishers) Yi Chongjun
  107. Your Republic is Calling You – Kim Young-ha

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  1. Hi Charles,
    about two months ago I came across an article about you in Koreana and I would like to thank you for it! I have been interested in Korea for a bit more than a year and your article opened up another chapter in the Korean culture for me. Because it is a bit difficult to get hold of the Korean literature translations, or rather imposible, here in Slovakia, I am very grateful for your links to Korean authors who are online. As I am just at the beginning of my Korean literature journey, I sincerely believe that your web page will help me to direct myself better in the field. I teach at university and although I specialize in English morphology and syntax, I hope that my knowledge of Korean literature will reach such an extent that I will be able to prepare a series of lectures on it. I believe it is never too late to start something new.
    Thank you for your hard work (as Koreans like to emphasize:-) but I mean it)!
    All the best,
    Gabriela Matulova

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