Brilliant (so far^^) new Korean Lit Blog: “subject object verb”

subject object verb

subject object verb

Three “mastered” translators have put together a new blog called “subject object verb” (I guess the Ph.D. program introduces capitalization?^^).

It has started with an awesome bang, with contributor Kokkiri absolutely eviscerating Maureen Corrigan’s horrible review of Please Look After Mother on NPR. The post begins:


It’s pretty clear that Maureen Corrigan is not a big fan of family narratives, or “sob sister melodramas,” as she calls Shin Kyung-sook’s Please Look After Mom (엄마를 부탁해, trans. by Kim Chi-young), but her review on NPR’s Fresh Air, “‘Please Look After Mom’: A Guilt Trip To The Big City” conflated her distaste for a type of narrative into a condescending, Orientalist, us vs. them dismissal of a culture she doesn’t seem to know much about. And that’s not to mention her simplistic reduction of a feeling of obligation towards one’s mother to a broad stereotype of “ethnicity” in her first sentence: “Mama Mia, who knew that Koreans outstrip Italians and Jews when it comes to mother guilt!”

And from there, nearly takes flight in its measured rage. It’s a beautiful read and if “subject object verb” keep up with anything like this… velocity(?) it will quickly become a must-read blog for anyone interested in Korean culture and its representations.