Charles Montgomery of KTLIT on Arirang TV’s Travel Story

KTLIT LogoI go to  Gyeongju and visit the Pak Mok-wol and Kim Dong-ni Literary House. Along the way I go to several temples, a sea-burial site of an ancient Korean King, and much more. You can watch live at 1 pm Seoul Time, 4 am GMT, 11 pm EST and 8pm in California.

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The Arirang teaser says:

Sanjay is a young man from Varanasi, India, where he worked as a boat tour guide and ran a small tea house. He was quite famous among Korean tourists in Varanasi.

He speaks Korean fluently and he was also featured in the best-selling poem collection “I Miss You Even When You Are by My Side” by renowned Korean poet Ryu Si-hwa. Last summer Sanjay visited Korea to learn more about the Korean culture and language.

He is having his hands full studying for the advanced level of a Korean language proficiency test at Dongguk University. The more he learns, the more he wants to find out about the history and culture of Korea. He was lucky to find a mentor – Professor Montgomery who teaches English translation and interpretation at the same university and who runs a blog (

He also introduces Korean writers and translates their works on Wikipedia, for which he earned the title of an honorary Seoul citizen in 2012. Professor Montgomery takes Sanjay on a trip to Gyeongju to help him learn about the history and culture of Korea.

This program shows what the two learned about the capital city of the ancient Silla Kingdom and two famous Korean writers from Gyeongju, Kim Dong-ni and Park Mok-wol.