Devine, Maija Rhee at SinchonTedX – sex roles in Korea, and “The Voices of Heaven”

Maija's CoverDevine, Maija Rhee, friend of this podcast and author of The Voices of Heaven, which Amazon describes as, a rare gem in English-language literature about Korea, a story that takes us deep into the devotion and secrets of a family living in Seoul at the cusp of the Korean War. A tale that spans decades, “The Voices of Heaven” has been expertly woven together to reveal not only the injustices of unmitigated life circumstances but also the restorative power of truth and love. Maija Rhee Devine presents a stellar cast of empathetic characters to spin a tale that draws readers into the shadows of Korea’s Confucian web that at once constrains and defines the powerful will of its people.”

KTLIT has briefly noted the book here.

Maija talks about several things

1) How Confucian Korea remains (LOL, I can hear TK squirming in his seat^^)
2) Some Korean cultural behaviors that most westerners will find quite new
3) Korean sexism

and a few of other interesting things. You can check it out here: