Fewer than 400 books translated in a decade?

According to Arirang, by way of the Chosun Ilbo. That’s only 40 a year, and I’d be interested to discover how many of these were books of poetry.

No surprisingly Yi Munyol leads the list with most books translated. Actually not a bad choice as “Our Twisted Hero” is a good novelette and “Two-fold Song” is also pretty cool as is “An Appointment With My Brother”.

One thought on “Fewer than 400 books translated in a decade?

  1. I contribute to a blog with a writer called Sung ji woo. He writes for the New York Times and has a popular book out about what it's like to move from Korea to America… I thought that was pretty interesting given that I've been trying to write about moving the other way.

    Anyway, he was reading at a conference in America about Korean literature. I've asked all my students, co-teachers and my girlfriend about Korean literature and they all have the same answer: it doesn't exist.

    Of course, that's bullshit. I see from your blog that it does. Thankfully.

    But the conference gave me a list of books to read… I'll try and find it and pass it along.


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